Who Can Join?

EVERYONE!! For only $8 per year, you can become a PTA member, joining nearly 6 million other people who share your interest in issues affecting children. Anyone can join: parents, grandparents, students, educators, and other citizens who care about public education in California.
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Why Join?
Membership has its privileges.  Check out the various discounts available to our PTSA Members.
PTA is founded on advocacy. The PTA lobbies for education and children in Sacramento and Washington each and everyday. PTA has been instrumental in the passage of important laws and guidelines that we sometimes take for granted today, such as:


  • Enforcing child labor laws

  • Building Kindergarten into the public school system

  • Supplying federally funded hot-lunches—that now feed more than 26 million children a day.

  • Supporting school bus safety regulations

  • Creating the content-rating system for television programs—yes, PTA supported the creation of that ratings indicator you now see in the upper-left corner of your TV screen.

The Power of PTA

PTA prides itself on being a powerful voice for children’s education and health issues by supporting and speaking on behalf of children and youth before governmental bodies and other organizations to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. 

With more than one million members, California State PTA is the largest volunteer organization in the state dedicated to improving the well being of all children and youth. supports local, state and national efforts to improve the education of children and the lives of families.

  • Provides opportunities for individuals to raise their voices with others throughout the state and nation to protect children's rights

  • Ensures the PTA's voice is heard on issues affecting young people

  • Provides opportunities for parent education, communication and leadership development


Did You Know?

You can have an impact at all of our schools in the Pleasant Valley School District. Would you like to become a Platinum Member? Click here for more information.
Thank you to our 2018/2019 Platinum Members!

  • Kim Dawson

  • Nic Gaffuri

  • Pete & Dawn Hansen

  • Sachiyo Hiji

  • Suzanne Kitchens

  • Sandra Maat

  • Elmira Ponti

  • Dr. Angelica Ramsey

  • Maria Redekopp

  • Bob Rust

  • Save Our Kids’ Music

  • Amanda Searle

  • Flavia Seawright

  • Michelle Tingley

  • Yulma Uribe

  • Linda Valdez

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