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Camarillo Academic Olympics (CAO)

What are the Camarillo Academic Olympics?

The Camarillo Academic Olympics (CAO) began in 1983 as a community project, spearheaded by Rick Smith, a Camarillo visionary.  Mr. Smith was inspired by the 1984 Olympic summer games that would be held the following year in Los Angeles.  While the Olymjpics showcased the world's greatest athletes, Mr. Smith developed a competition to recognize and honor the academic achievement of younger scholars. 

This biannual program allows 4th - 8th grade students to participate in up to three areas of study, including Science, Math, History, Current Events, Language Arts, Creative Arts, Speech, and Geography.  Participating students will compete first at the classroom level.  The students with the top 4 scores will advance to the City Preliminaries. Students with the top 6 scores in the City Preliminaries will advance to the City Level. 

In alternating years, the CAO SuperQuiz competition will be held. Each school will be able to form a team with 6 students to compete against other schools in the city-wide SuperQuiz Competition.

The 2022 SuperQuiz theme is "Countries of the World"

If you are interested in being a part of the Las Colinas SuperQuiz team,
please complete this Google Form by Friday, December 17

  • Superquiz Preliminaries:  March 8, 2022

  • SuperQuiz Finals & Awards Ceremony:  March 10, 2022

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